Midsouth Entomologist Volume 9 (2) now online

Volume 9, issue 2 of the Midsouth Entomologist is now available online at http://midsouthentomologist.org.msstate.edu/Volume9/Volume9_2TOC.html.

For citations, please note this is the November 2016 issue, even though it was uploaded in 2017.

This issue features an interesting paper on genetic diversity, pathogens and parasites of feral honey bees in Mississippi; a note describing a case of purpura resulting from chigger bites; the abstracts of the 63rd MEA conference; and a special feature by J. MacGown detailing the 2016 William H. Cross Expedition (read more about other expeditions here: http://mississippientomologicalmuseum.org.msstate.edu//museumsites/CrossExpeditions.html).

Thanks to Editor Kristine Edwards for her work, and to the various authors for their submissions. For any  questions about viewing these papers online, contact Joe MacGown, web editor (jmacgown@entomology.msstate.edu), and for questions about formatting, etc. contact Kristine Edwards (kt20@msstate).


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