Two New Research Articles Uploaded to the Midsouth Entomologist


See the MEA’s  Midsouth Entomologist for the latest research articles (2017 Table of Contents)! Two new papers were recently uploaded.  The first paper, A Role for Intercept Traps in the Ambrosia Beetle (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) IPM Strategy at Ornamental Nurseries, authored by Werle, C. T., B. J. Sampson,  and M. E. Reding is an interesting article about the role of intercept trapping for ambrosia beetles in nurseries.

The second article uploaded, Preliminary Study of Pan Trapping in Longleaf Pine Flatwoods in Central Florida, USAauthored by Orfinger, A. B., T. B. Cogen, G. R. Irons, K. V. Kabilan, B. Molligoda, A. L. Moody, J. F. Wisdo, and K. F. Phillips, is a wonderful little study conducted by a researcher at the University of Central Florida with high school students! It is wonderful to see young people doing research like this.


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